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Bruce Springsteen says years of depression left him 'crushed' Read more Apparently, one song on the album, This Depression , couldn't have been more literal-minded about its title.

Springsteen further reveals in his memoir the up-and-down nature of his depression, which can change from year to year. "I was crushed between 60 and 62, good for a year and out again from 63 to.

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Bruce Springsteen has revealed he's suffered two emotional breakdowns, one of which he believes he should have been hospitalised for. The rock musician, 69, opened up about his mental health.

Bruce Springsteen is opening up about his mental health struggles. In a new interview with Esquire, the rock star is candid in discussing two emotional breakdowns he suffered – one when he was.

Bruce Springsteen jokes about DWI arrest as he reopens Broadway with one-man show – Bruce Springsteen wasn’t afraid to poke fun at his recent legal troubles when he helped reopen Broadway on Saturday night by leading its first full-capacity show since pandemic-fueled closings.

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Bruce Springsteen is enhanced by his openness about depression Read more "I was crushed between 60 and 62, good for a year, and out again from 63 to 64," he writes.

Bruce Springsteen Opens Up About His Bouts of Depression: 'I Didn't Want to Get Out of Bed' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

Which eight songs would Bruce Springsteen take to a desert island? – You can’t help but be impressed by the immaculate taste exhibited by Bruce Springsteen in his Desert Island Disc choices. Nothing showy, no pretensions; just music that had a dramatic impact on.

Rock music icon Bruce Springsteen recently spoke of his struggles with Depression during an interview with Esquire Magazine. His illustrious career, which includes winning 20 Grammy Awards, has also been marked by periods of intense struggle with his mental health.

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Bruce Springsteen Addresses Depression, Mental Breakdowns. Bruce Springsteen is not completely well. He knows this, which some would say is half the battle. But as too many Americans know, chronic depression brings with it daily struggles. The Boss said in a new interview with Esquire that he's fought mental illness his entire life.

Bruce Springsteen suffered from depression, according to a new, lengthy article in the latest edition of The New Yorker.While previously he's disclosed his on-again, off-again battle with.

Bruce Springsteen Battled Depression, Suicidal Thoughts in Early 1980s. 'My issues weren't as obvious as drugs,' says Springsteen in New Yorker profile. 'They were quieter, [but] just as.

Bruce Springsteen revealed a gruesome throat surgery and discussed depression, his father and new music in a wide-ranging new interview. Bruce Springsteen delved into his history with depression.

Bruce Springsteen makes four-hour shows look easy, but he revealed the secret behind his drive in an illuminating interview on CBS Sunday Morning. "I believe behind every artist [he] has someone.

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen, in his first television interview about his new book, opens up to CBS News correspondent Anthony Mason about his battles with crippling depression, his often.

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